GeoMax Total Station ZTS600 Series

At GeoMax we understand that you work in demanding environments and require excellent price-to-performance without compromising quality. That’s why we build products that “Work when you do!”. This is also the purpose of the Geomax ZTS600, a series of robust, easy to use total stations.

Both occasional and professional users are addressed with this easy-to-use, yet highly productive total stations for a wide range of applications such as surveying, engineering and construction. The tough but versatile product design and its broad range of features make it the perfect instrument for day-to-day use. At GeoMax, we attach importance to user friendliness and easy-to-learn hard- and software. The intuitive design and the full numeric keyboard ensure optimized usability and productivity. This saves you time in the field, and in consequence money in your business.

Reflectorless Distance Measurement:
Never again will inaccessible points be a problem. With the high accuracy reflectorless measurement technology points up to 350m can be measured with ease. The extra small EDM footprint ensures you maximum accuracy whilst significantly improving productivity.

Absolute Encoder:
Immediately upon power on, GeoMax ZTS600 displays the current angle. Intelligent absolute encoders save you time by not requiring any complex initialisation procedures, simply turn on and start working.

Quadruple-axis Compensation:
With advanced electronic compensators, the GeoMax ZTS600 is always level and collimation errors corrected. You can be sure of maximum reliability with both horizontal and vertical angles.

Data Transfer:
Once you have finished with your field work, the job is not necessarily complete. GeoMax provides PC software together with the instrument that allows you to transfer data to other instruments and office software packages with ease.

At GeoMax we understand that your daily tasks vary greatly, that’s why we have created a number of easy-to-use applications to guide you through every day. From setting-up, measuring, staking and checking, you can be certain that GeoMax “Works when you do!”:

  • Set-up with Orientation
  • Setout
  • Construction
  • Set-up with Resection
  • Reference Line and Arc
  • COGO Routines
  • Area (3D) & Volume
  • Remote Height
  • Missing Line
  • Two Prism Offset

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